Our Current Partners

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Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone

Diakonia Interdenominational Services for Counselling, Evangelism, and Teaching

Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Scripture Union – Sierra Leone

Servants of the Word – Gambia

Harvest Intercontinental Cathedral (Formerly Bethel World Outreach)

Focus on Partnerships

Over the years, SAVE, Inc. has found partnerships with indigenous (local) Christian ministries, individuals and organizations to be an effective way of advancing the Kingdom of God in Sierra Leone. This was clearly evident during the recent coordination of Covid-19 efforts among our Partners, and and the amazing execution of the SAVE post-ebola initiative through partners on the ground (when we could not even venture into the country during the Ebola Outbreak). The effectiveness of ministry via partnerships was also confirmed by the compelling reports of SAVE partners who spearheaded holistic outreach in the name of Jesus to mudslide victims in Sierra Leone (August 2017) and the ensuing training of counseling professionals in the two-part PTSD training. SAVE previously partnered with Bethel World Outreach Church in the construction of a primary school for one of their churches. In all the instances above, SAVE raised the necessary funds and the partners on the ground took oversight of project operations.

Even our recent activities in The Gambia, coming alongside alumni from the Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Student at the Servants of the Word Ministries in The Gambia, is an example of using personnel and finances of the west to support the kingdom of Jesus Christ in Western Africa to support church planting and development there.

SAVE continues to see partnerships as one of the central strategies of ministry for our work in Western Africa. The following are thoughts on how such relationship work.

A. Nature of Relationship  (What?) 

The nature of the relationship is expected to be one of co-laborers for Jesus Christ in Sierra Leone (SL) and other parts of Africa, as the Lord leads. It does not intend to put either party in a position of subordination under or domination over the other. The duration of partnerships could be long-term or short-term, depending the nature of ministry in which collaboration is sought.

B. Partners in Ministry: (Who?) 

SAVE will partner only with Christian organizations, churches, and individuals:

  • With solid and unquestionable Biblical foundations – Belief in the transformative power of the good news (gospel) in the context of the entire Bible is a requirement of SAVE partners.
  • Evangelistic and discipleship mindset – Has primary desire for evangelism and discipleship.
  • Mission oriented – committed to advancing God’s mission to reconcile His fallen creation to Himself. Emphasis on church planting and development, which should lead to transformation of individuals and societies. 
  • Consistent Basis of Faith – Partner’s statement of faith (doctrine) should be entirely consistent with that of SAVE

C. Purpose of Relationship (Why?)

The purpose for this partnership is the evangelization of the people of SL and the planting of churches to facilitate discipleship, development and growth of the believers generally in the remote areas of the country. One typical example is Bethel World Outreach Church, which has developed a model for church planting that aligns well with the desires of SAVE, and Bethel has shown itself to be good stewards of the manifold grace of Christ in this work.

D. What?  SAVE involvement in Partnership?

SAVE generally desires to come alongside these ministries and provide assistance in the form of funding, participating, and connecting. While Funding meets one of the greatest needs of our partners, it represent only a portion of our support. We believe in Participating, sending Board members and others to visit SL to be involved in medical missions, church planting work, leadership development, and discipleship and evangelistic training events. We also highlight Connecting, in that we have developed relationships with others (generally in the US) who desire to minister their talents around the world for the sake of the name of Christ, with activities ranging from providing motorbikes to missionaries, developing horticulture or animal husbandry outreaches, or providing shoes or school supplies for village children. 

E.  SAVE’s Expectations of Partners

  • Faithfulness to evangelical and biblical tenets of belief.
  • Adherence to the stated goals of the partnership.
  • Accountability in terms of regular updates as to ministry progress.
  • Commitment to the advancement of God’s Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, and mission.
  • Transparency in ministry and relationships.

Indigenous Leadership of ministries and projects, with local ministries and ministers to be in the forefront of any partnership initiatives approved. Direction, strategies, execution, and supervision of ministries are prerogatives of the local partners.